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Covid-19 update by Coyote transfers

Greece has done a very good job to protect its citizens and visitors against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Over the last couple of years, the effects of the health crisis have decreased significantly, making it possible for the country to gradually get back to normality. 


Greece has long opened its borders to the world, initially by keeping a strict regulatory scheme in order to ensure that all traveling to the country will be made in a safe and attainable manner. In due time, the Greek government gradually removed many travel restrictions imposed to contain the spread of Covid-19 and put in place detailed safety protocols to allow you to plan your holiday with greater freedom and safety.

During the lockdown period, here in Coyote Transfers we made sure that our company took all necessary actions in order to be able to comply with all regulatory requirements against the COVID-19 pandemic. Coyote Transfers is committed to minimizing all risks to the environment and human health not only by complying to the necessary health and safety travel regulations, but also by taking the extra mile to apply our own even stricter and safer protocols. Our mission is to ensure your secure private transport from the Greek airport of your choice to your hotel and also for your daily private excursions, which are currently the best and safest option for you to enjoy the magnificent Greek attractions, the picturesque small fishing villages and the world-famous Greek beaches.

More specifically, Coyote Transfers keeps you safe in the following ways:
- All our vehicles are being thoroughly sanitized at the beginning of each day and keep getting sanitized during the course of the day, right after each trip.
- All our vehicles have been equipped with protective plastic shield installations, which separate each vehicle cabin into two disconnected parts, one for the driver and one for the passengers.
- All our drivers and staff have been trained in order to be able to comply with the necessary health & safety regulations against the spread of the virus. They are wearing masks and gloves at all times, they avoid body contact -unless it's absolutely necessary- and they are confined to a separate part of the cabin during the entire trip. (as mentioned above)
-Throughout the entire booking process, from your initial request to the reservation and from payment to your arrival at the Greek destination of your choice, we are promoting the use of digital tools and contactless services as much as possible, while the car's contact points are sanitized after each trip.

Besides, the Greek Ministry of Transport has put in place new regulations covering public & private means of transport, which are re-instating the 100% maximum allowed capacity to all means of land transportation.
According to the measures, every vehicle up to 5 seats(taxi) is allowed to carry up to 4 passengers in addition to the driver, every vehicle up to 7 seats(taxi cab or mini-van) is allowed to carry 6 passengers in addition to the driver, while every vehicle up to 9 seats(mini-van) is allowed to carry 8 passengers in addition to the driver. The use of non-medical protective masks is not mandatory any more, neither by the passengers nor by the driver, but is highly recommended.

As the world has gotten back to its feet and travelling is back to normal, our goal is to bring light and summer into our guests' lives, as Greece is the ideal destination for you to do just that: its bright sun, blue skies and crystal-clear waters are a guarantee for relaxation and will undoubtedly put a smile back to your face :)

At Coyote Transfers we can't wait to welcome you once again in Greece, the Summer Capital of the World.

We will make sure to keep you safe and comfortable, and we will also be wearing our brightest smiles while doing that!

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