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Luggage management

Luggage Transfer, Storage & Safe-keeping

Coyote Transfers allows you to safely store and transport your luggage during your travels within our destinations in Greece. Using our luggage storage and transfer service means you can travel luggage-free while still having all the luggage you need with you!

We are aware that a very common problem for travelers nowadays is that their hotel check-in or check-out time is not well synchronized with their flight arrival or departure time. As a result, they often deal with the question of what to do until the check-in or after the check-out from their hotel or Airbnb. Where can they safely store their luggage, in order to take advantage of the remaining time before heading to the Airport or until heading to their Hotel for check-in?

Coyote Transfers is able to solve this problem for you in a safe and affordable way, thus allowing you to maximize the time you are going to spend in any destination. This way, you can make most of the time you have at your disposal between you flight’s arrival and the check-in at your hotel or you can devote your last hours in Greece to a sightseeing tour, a business meeting, or to go shopping luggage-free!

How it works:

  • You can place your order at least 24 hours in advance, by filling in our contact form (click here) or by contacting us directly via e-mail, phone, viber or what’s up.

  • We will meet you at your hotel or at the airport, to collect or deliver your luggage.

  • Drop-off: If you are delivering your luggage to us at the airport upon arrival, our representative will meet you just outside the arrivals hall. If you are delivering your luggage to us at your hotel, our representative will meet you at the hotel lounge or even at your room.

  • Upon collection, we will place a label on your suitcases and then we will store them in our surveilled and secure storage premises.

  • Pick-up: If you are collecting your luggage at the airport before departure, our representative will meet you at in front of the entrance gate which is leading to the check-in desk of your flight. If you are collecting the luggage at your hotel, our representative will make sure it is there when you check-in.

  • Other locations or arrangements can be made upon request. Transfer between hotels in addition to long term storage service for as long as you have planned is also possible.

Coyote Transfers is here to help you make the most of your time in Greece!

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