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Private Guides & Guided Tours

Coyote Guides
Book your own Private Guide or Guided Tour

In Coyote Transfers, we know that the modern traveler seeks “out of the box” experiences but also expects high standards of service and individualized focus. Authenticity is the key and we, as local specialists, certainly have the resources and the know-how to deliver it to our guest.

To this direction, we are able to offer to our clients our own local representatives & guides speaking fluently several languages. We can provide professional tour escorts or guides upon request in any language and in any destination you may need. Even though in our company we usually communicate in English, we also have people who are fluent in many different languages and thanks to our network of associates we can always find guides and escorts in any language requested by you and your clients.

Coyote Transfers is able to find the most suitable tour escort or guide both for Individual travelers and tourist Groups in Greece.

You will happy to know, that when you book your guide or guided tour with us, you will get the best possible support at any destination, since we are available for you on a 24/7 basis in English and several other languages.

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