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Pet Friendly Services

Pet Friendly Services
Pet Friendly Taxi, Unaccompanied Pet Transport & Pet Sitting

Coyote Transfers takes pride in being a pet-friendly company and in undertaking small pet transport within our main destinations through Greece.

We are able to undertake both the accompanied and unaccompanied transport of small pets within our network.

1. Accompanied Transport

Coyote Transfers is happy to arrange the transport small pets, under the responsibility of the passenger-owner/keeper, provided that:

  • They are placed in a secure transport cage, closed type dimensions up to 70cm. x 40cm x 50cm for short routes or up to 50cm. x 40cm x 35cm for long-distance routes.

  • They are accompanied by their owner or keeper.

  • The owner or keeper of the pet has the individual health booklet - passport of the animal.

  • The owner or keeper of the pet is located near it and takes care of it, so as not to injure itself or other passengers.

  • The pet must be transported inside the passenger compartment and in no case in the luggage compartment.


* In particular, service dogs, i.e. trained guide dogs for the blind and assistance dogs for people with disabilities, as well as dogs in the training process as service dogs are transported as follows:

  • No carrying cage and no muzzle, as long as they have a control strap, regardless of their size.

  • The user or instructor, as the case may be, of the service dog shall bring and display, whenever requested by the Auditors or specially authorized employees, the statutory documents certifying the adequacy of the animal's training (if trained or is under training), its health, and that the user or trainer of the service dog has the relevant certification and proof of use of the animal.

  • In the case of a user or instructor who is an EU citizen. or a third-country national, then the necessary certificates, as issued by an official body or service of the country of origin, must be translated into English.


2. Unaccompanied Transport

Coyote Transfer undertakes the transportation of unaccompanied pets (dog, cat or other pet) after consultation with the owner/keeper.

Our top priorities are consistency and safety via our well-maintained vehicles and properly trained drivers. Our services are offered in a serious way but also in a more pleasant way for your dear friend, thanks to our additional benefits.

Our secrets for a stress-free journey are many and we regularly take care to renew them. Some of our constant benefits are the relaxing music, the pleasant environment and the "warm" spaces we have for your transportation.

For your pet’s health & safety, our vehicles are disinfected before and after each transport and our trained drivers have the ability to offer first aid, if needed. For more serious cases we have a network of partners, where we can hurry immediately.

Coyote Transfers undertakes all kinds of unaccompanied pet transport:

  • Transfer of an unaccompanied pet to a veterinary clinical waiting and return.

  • Receipt from a veterinary clinic and delivery to the owner.

  • Transportation to the trainer or kennel.

  • Receipt from the airport and boarding of a pet on a ship or train.


With responsibility and safety, your pet is transported to its destination, keeping you constantly informed by phone or text messages:

  • Consistency and reliability in pet transport

  • All pets and of course large dogs are accepted in the vehicle

  • We accept pets with health problems and we are equipped with the appropriate understanding

  • The company is in constant communication with you and the journey ends only when we make sure of the safe delivery of the pet.

3. Pet sitting:

Do you need a sitter for your dear friend? Are you going on a vacation with your pet, but you would also like some extra hours or even a couple of days carefree time without having to stress over your pet going in a cage or feeling abandoned? Do you have a business meeting or a work commitment and you do not know where you can leave your pet to be properly taken care of?

We are exactly what you need!

You no longer have to worry about where to leave your pet and who will take care of it. Coyote Transfers can provide the perfect care for your pet during your absence.

Enjoy some carefree vacation time in Greece, go shopping before your flight departure or focus on your business meeting, while enjoying ease of mind by leaving your pet safely with us.


We possess pet care knowledge, first-aid training and a caring attitude towards animals and we will make sure your pet will be happy and healthy during your absence. We will make sure your pet does not go into a cage while you are away and you will not be the only one on vacation 😉

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