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Tours & Excursions in Greece

Excursions, Guided Tours and Special Interest Tourism Packages

Special Interest Tourism is a niche segment of the Travel Industry which we specialize in. We offer a variety of authentic activities and options in order to satisfy all kinds of particular needs and interests that different tourist groups may have. Our primary focus is on individualized services, high-quality personal service, and authentic local products in order to create authentic & memorable experiences.

We know that travelers engaged with Special Interest Tourism not only do they seek “out of the box” experiences but also expect high standards of service and individualized focus. Authenticity is the key and we, as local specialists, certainly have the resources and know-how to deliver memorable experiences.

We offer a wide selection of organized excursions and tourism programs for you to choose from, which can meet any age or taste, but we also help you to create your own tailor-made program for FITs/Groups. We create Itineraries for all destinations in Greece and also combined with the surrounding countries. Professional tour escorts & guides for FITs and Groups are also included.

We currently offer a variety of Excursions & Special Interest Tourism packages, which lie in the following thematic categories:

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